Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gateaway to Ecstasy

Tantrikas consider sexuality to be the gateway to ecstasy. Even in the most fundamental way, your relationship contains the potential for cosmic bliss.

Every mutual tantric massage between a man and a woman is, on some level, an enactment of the meeting of masculine and feminine energies which, on a macrocosmic level, is the basis of Universal Harmony.

When your sensual relationship is at once meditative and stimulating, it becomes an instrument for inner transformation.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What is Tantric Sexuality?

Tantric Sexuality is derived from the ancient indian spiritual philosophy of Tantra, some aspects of which are strikingly pertinent to the modern couple. Throughout the ages, sexuality has been either repressed or exploited.

 Puritans have decreed that its sole purpose is procreation, while hedonists have utilised it for physical gratification. In recent decades, there has been a welcome debate on sexual issues, but this has focused mainly on enhanced performance techniques for men or on the attainment of better orgasm for women. 

Tantra decrees that sensual joy is to be celebrated, but it is not the end purpose of sex. Is is means through you can gain a profound realisation of the divine nature of Existence, epitomised  in the full body orgasm.

Tantric Massage is meditative, spontaneous and intimate. Through it you learn to prolong the act of making love and to channel, rather than dissipate, potent orgasmic energies moving through you, thereby raising the level of your consciousness.  

Tantra transports your sexuality from the plane of doing to the place of being. There is no goal in tantric massage, only the present moment of perfect and harmonious union.

Tantra teaches you to revere your sexual partner and to transform the act of sex into a sacrament love.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Breath is Life

When we focus our attention onto our breathing. allowing it to deepen and relax within us, we become more sensitive to our feelings, more alive in our bodies, and more still in our mind. Breath awareness is fundamental to all Tantric disciplines and is employed as a key tool for transformation in yoga, meditation and all lovemaking practices. 

Breath brings us vitality. On inhalation, it oxygenates, nourishes and energizes our system; on exhalation it purifies us! Breathing is an automatic function of the body, and yet the majority of people do not breathe fully, using only one fraction of breath's powerful potential.
Conscious, regular breathing brings greater harmony and balance to the body and emotions.

So spend time each daybecoming more aware of your breathing and you will beging to feel the benefits in all that you do!

Recharging your body:

For 15 min each day , use breath awareness to relax your entire body. Lie down comfortably and consciously direct your breath toeards each body part, starting from the toes and moving slowly up to head. Visualize that each inhalation is revitalizing the area on wich you are focusing, and that every exhalation is releasing tension.

Tune in your breath:

Sit comfortably, with a relaxed but lengthened spine, plancing your hands over your heart and abdomen. Feel the rise and fall of your breath as you enhale and exhale. Breath stedily through your nose, allowing the breath to sink deep within.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Introduction to massage

          Massage is a form of structured touch. The hands, or sometimes other parts, such as the forearms or elbows, are used to glide over the skin and apply pressure to the underlying muscle in a series of movements that involve variously stroking, rubbing, kneading and pressing.  It can be either smoothing or stimulating, and when used in conjuction with a focus on energy , can affect the body, mind, spirit and emotions.

          Massage is an ancient, revered art that has been practiced for centuries.
It stimulates and encourage the body to carry out it's normal functions.

          The therapeutic benefits produced by massage include loosening of muscular tension, toning and firming the muscle, and stimulating the circulation of the blood and lymph.

          Massage affects nerves as well as muscles. The stimulation of sensory nerve endings in the skin is relayed to the brain via the central nervous system. This acts on the automatic nervous system to produce a general feeling of relaxation and helps reduce the effects of stress.  The relaxation process in turn produces a more natural abdominal  breathing pattern which is vital for the functioning of the abdominal organs.

          Stress and fatigue, caused by accumulation of waste products, can be reduced, and the metabolic process made more effective. The nervous system also controls the vascular system. A lack of vascular supply results in decreased efficiency in drainage and supply of blood. Stimulation via massage boosts lymph drainage and increase circulation, at the same time improving the appearance of skin. This has a positive psychological effect.

          Massage helps the body restore its natural balance and is an excellent preventative!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Tips to understand some words in tantric massage

•   Sacred Space: The studio is a relaxed, ambient, safe and sacred place where you will be able to explore the power of tantric moment. It is a spiritual heaven in this busy, fast-paced Modern city. 

•   Tantra Meditation: At the beginning and end of session, your Goddess guides you through meditation to create very special moments of deep connection with yourself and with the divine.

•   Chakra Balancing: It includes a diagnosis and rebalancing of Chakras (the energies of the body), transforming the sexual energy from your root Chakra to you heart Chakra to your crown Chakra. Sexuality of your emotional and spiritual being will balance all your energy levels.

•   Teaching of Relaxation Breathing: using breathing techniques to teach you how to step out of your busy mind and be in your own body; fully at one with your heart, sensations, feelings and emotions.

•   Sensual and Erotic Massage: performing a slow gentle and sensual all over body massage using beautiful, smooth, non scented oil. The therapist will use subtle touch, body connection and movement to slowly arouse your senses. Touching your internal energy, working your entire body and amatory teasing of your senses will bring you explosive pleasure

•   Nude Body to Body massage: Imagine the feeling of nude bodies caressing and rubbing across your body, arousing every sense and sensual emotion, to create an intense desire that needs your Tantric touch.

•   Prostate Massage: The prostate is the male accessory sex gland, which means it plays a helpful role in ejaculatory function. When it is massaged, it produces male hormone; testosterone leading to greater pleasure. It has been known to aid ejaculation when stimulated. This massage explores the male G-spot, helping you discover intense pleasure and a powerful tool to help with premature ejaculation. Many have never experienced this type of massage; it is a very tender and personal area and needs to be conducted using the right timing and techniques. Our professional therapists will perform the massage slowly and gently.

•   Lingam massage: A sensual and erotic massage for the male intimate area including the testicles, perineum and the sacred spot of phallus. The Lingam Massage allows the man to experience his softer, more receptive side; this will allow you to release all sexual energy through a full body orgasmic release. Feel pure, intense pleasure that you have never felt before.

•   Ejaculation Control: During the erotic lingam treatment, you'll be taught how to use secret techniques for heightening and prolonging pleasure, for increased power, vitality and longevity. This is especially beneficial for premature ejaculation problems.

•  The Yoni Massage: The Yoni Massage is a sensual way to offer pleasure to the female sacred area. This involves massage of the female divine passage and sacred spot, helping you understand the pleasures of The Yoni. 

Chakra imaginary in Tantra

Whatever their correlation to physical structures within the body, chakras are entirely non-physical. The mind, rather than sense organs, is the traditional tool for accessing, exploring and balancing the energy of each chakra.

The main features of each chakra are described here as in the original Vedic text, as they would be visualised by a meditator. Each chakra is symbolised by layers or imaginary, including a particular animal, and a god and a goddess whose form and attributes encapsulate the inherent qualities that arise when the chakra is functioning in a balanced way.

The 7th chakra are:

- Muladhara - This is the base chakra and it's name means "foundation"

- Svadistana - The sacral chakra, whose name means " sweetness"

- Manipura - The solar plexus chakra's name means " city of gems"

- Anahata - The name of the fourth, on heart, chakra means "unstruck"

- Vishuddha - This is the throat chakra, and it's name means " pure"

- Ajña - The blow chakra's name means "command"

- Sahasrara - The "thousand - petalled" crown chakra is at the top of the head

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tantric Massage combined with Body to body Massage

Is a new step in a sexual life of any modern person, a disclosure of new erogenous zones, an exchange and increase in positive energy and emotions. Erotic sensual massage reveals a huge amount of sexual energy and it is only natural that the culmination point is the maximal excitation and a discharge - achievement of orgasm. 
Regular practice of erotic sensual massage not only improves your organism in general, but as well completely opens all your (at times unexplored) erogenous zones and allows you to keep your body under control as long as you wish.The main task of erotic massage is sexual stimulation. Sexual excitation can be achieved by caressing of sensitive parts of a body (erogenous zones). 
Body to body massage causes strong impulses which through nervous system are transferred to genitals. The purpose of erotic massage is to excite you, to create favorable conditions for sensual pleasure and eventually for high-grade and duly orgasm. The essential component of your enjoyment is also the pleasure of aesthetic and spiritual communication with the masseuse.